Bak's Essential Virtual Learning Info & Resources

Virtual Learning (school) begins March 31, 2020! IT IS AN ODD DAY - Follow the SY20 Bak Calendar. The SY20 Bak Student Virtual Learning Guide - Rules, Policies, and Procedures and other resources on this page were designed to provide guidance for our students and parent for Virtual Learning. It is essential that you and your child carefully read the information on this page, especially the SY20 Bak Student Virtual Learning Guide - Rules, Policies, and Procedures. Bak students are expected to virtually attend school each school day. Please ensure that your child is following his/her teachers Google Classroom lessons/activities. Check this page periodically for updates - I will also be sending out Parentlinks (email, phone and text) when needed. The School District will continue to evaluate all guidance from the Florida Department of Education as it is released and provide updates as necessary. All students were provided with the opportunity to get a laptop from school if your child did not have a laptop, Chromebook or tablet at home. District and school also provided information about how to gain access to free internet service. The Bak Family will be get through this tough time by working together - as we always do! Sally Rozanski