How to register for Raptor & VIPS when volunteering for Bak

Instructions on how to register, sign in/out, and log hours

When registering, you will need to present a government issued photo ID to be scanned at the desk in Student Services at Bak MSOA.

All public schools are now using BOTH Raptor and VIPS tracking.  Raptor is used for background clearance.  The VIPS Tracking System is used for recording volunteer hours.

All volunteers and visitors must scan in/out through the Raptor system in Student Services prior to going on campus.  Badges will be printed through the Raptor system.
Additionally, hours are to be logged in the VIPS Count Tracking System computer (also located in Student Services).  If you are not already in the VIPS System, please register when you volunteer.  By signing in and out on this computer, VIPS will track your volunteer hours.  You can also log any hours that were volunteered off campus (i.e. Field Trips) on this computer.  If you have any questions or would like the Volunteer Coordinator to log hours for you, please send an email to