NEW - SDPBC and Bak Procedures for After School Events & Gym Entry 1.13.19

It is imperative that students, parents, and visitors read and follow the NEW SDPBC and Bak rules and procedures for after-school events and performances, and gymnasium entry for Athletic Events. 

Attention Bak Parents & Students: Bak MSOA Students must adhere to the following for all after school and night events and performances. 

1. Students may not stay after school without adult supervision to attend an athletic event, club, activity, or performance. 
2. Students enrolled in After Care (Curtain Calls) may attend if accompanied by a school employee/after school counselor.

The following document must be followed by all attendees.
Per Superintendent Mike Burke,  MASKS MUST be Worn by ALL VISITORS (1.5.22)

SDPBC & Bak Rules and Procedures for After School Events and Gym Entrance 1.13.19.pdf