Flu Shots offered to at Bak, November 15, 2019

Flu Shots offered to Bak Students and School Personnel on November 15th
Posted on 11/16/2019
On October 30th a Parentlink was sent out to parents/guardians and school personnel with documents regarding the flu (also posted under School Info). We have been in contact with the district to get additional cleaning at night and with the Health Department to report the number of documented flu cases and the attendance of students/school personnel.

The Health Department has decided to offer students and school personnel the opportunity to get a flu vaccine on November 15th here at Bak MSOA. You were sent an email on November 6th with the email following documents (also attached):

1. Parent/Guardian Letter (English, Spanish, Creole)
2. Flu Vaccine - What you need to know (English, Spanish, Creole)
3. Flu Vaccine Consent Form (English, Spanish, Creole)

If you are unable to print the document, we also distributed the Flu Vaccine Consent form and the first page of the Parent/Guardian letter to each student on 11/7/19. Please return the completed Vaccine Consent form to the Main Office no later than Tuesday, November 12th (there is no school on November 11th).