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                            Welcome to the Bak MSOA Family
Below is the information that was sent to parents of NEW Students to Bak MSOA for the 2020-21 School Year. Please make sure to follow all the instructions. You have been provided specific contact information if you have any questions. Remember that the SY21 6th Grade and 7th& 8th Grades Arts and Electives Course Descriptions can be found on the Students & Parents page just below the link to this page.

Sent via email on 4.24.20: This message is from Bak MSOA to the parents of “NEW” students, who will be attending Bak for the 2020-21 school year. 

Due to the current restrictions we are unable to have an in-person New Student Registration, so we are sending you the course selection sheet and other pertinent information for the 2020-21 school year (SY21). Please ensure that you read these directions and follow them explicitly. Failure to submit the proper documents will result in a delay of your child’s registration and/or class schedule for SY21.

We have mailed, via the United States Postal Service to the address listed on your Choice application, the following for the 2020-21 school year:

  • SY21 Course Selection Sheet
  • Memo – Directions and Requirements
  • Standards of Excellence and Statement of Commitment
  • A pre-addressed, stamped envelope for return of your child’s documents to Bak MSOA’s P.O. Box – not the Bak MSOA school address
  • Just for incoming private school and homeschool students – a Registration Form

Grades 7th and 8th


 6th Grade:


 See Below for pertinent details:

  • Course Descriptions for The Arts and Electives are located on the Bak School Messenger page ( - look under Students & Parents.
  • Please carefully read and follow the directions that are contained on the memo page (mailed, attached & on Bak SchoolMessenger page).
  • Core academic classes are not selected by parents, nor do you need teacher signatures for these classes.
  • If you have changed your address since completing your Choice Application, please provide the correct address to Lee Glaze. You were asked to do this in an earlier email so if you have not done so, please do that upon receipt of this email. Provide your child's name - your current address - your phone number.
  • **ONLY for 7th Grade Students & New Students to SDPBC Public Schools (e.g., private and homeschool), look below for Immunization and Physical Requirements.

Questions about the documents sent to you?

 **Immunization & Physical Requirement for 7th Grade Students & New Students to SDPBC Public Schools (Note: the contact is Joanne Friedel NOT Kathy Tyler)

ALL STUDENTS ENTERING 7TH GRADE and/or NEW STUDENTS that did NOT attend a public school in The School District of Palm Beach County (e.g., private school, home school, or any non-SDPBC public school), are required to submit the following to Bak MSOA:

A valid health examination, documented on State of FL. School Entry Health Exam Form (DH

        3040), which must be performed greater than one year prior to enrollment (must be after 

        August 12, 2019)

o   The DH 3040 form is a 2-sided Form that you will receive from the Doctor.  Page 1 of the form must be filled out and signed by the Parent/Guardian.  If this is not done the form will be returned to you and will not be processed until it is complete.

                                                                – AND-

 A valid Florida Certificate of Immunization Form (DH 680)(also received from the doctor)

o   ALL 7th grade students must have the Tdap Booster

o   New Students in Grade 8 must have the Tdap Booster

 Procedure for Emailing Physical & Immunization Forms

  • Do not include these forms in the envelope with your course selection sheet and statement of commitment.
  • FORMS MUST BE EMAILED - As soon as possible, but no later than 8/7/20.
  • Email your physical and immunizations forms to Joanne Friedel at Look below to see what to include in the email. 
  • In addition to attaching the form(s), you must include the following in the email:
    • Your full name,
    • your child's full name, student I.D., and grade level,
    • the school your child attended in SY20,
    • the name of the form(s) you attached. 
    • Note: If your child is new to the public-school system, he/she will not have a student I.D.

 Questions about Immunizations or Physicals? Email Joanne Friedel.

NOTE: School Board Policy 5.06 and F.S. § 1003.22]- In accordance with State Board of Education Rule 6A-1.0985 and Fla. Admin. Code 64D-3.046, students will not be admitted into class without proof of immunization with the physician’s signature and office stamp, absent a lawful exception.