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Dear Bak Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to the 2020-21 Brick and Mortar and Distance Learning School Year! The document below has been designed to include the Brick and Mortar and Distance Learning Information, rules, policies, and procedures and more! Much of this information contained has already been provided to you, but some essential information has been revised or is new information. Consequently, it is paramount that parents and students review this document.

Bak is a unique arts community that promotes creativity, responsibility, and citizenship both on and off campus. Faculty, staff, and administration work with students and parents to create a caring, supportive, and nurturing environment. The partnership between the school and home is essential as we help students reach their potential in arts, academics, and social-emotional well-being. Whether this is your first year at Bak or you are a returning student, all students, parents, and guardians should read, review, discuss, and understand the information, rules, policies, and procedures contained in this document, the SDPBC Student Code of Conduct and the Student and Family Handbook. The Bak Family is a powerful community when we all work together!
All students should bring portable, wired headphones to school each day (just audio - mic is not required). This is needed in case their teacher is teaching remotely and/or they are in a group setting. We do not allow wireless headphones - the wired headphones can be purchased for a few dollars - nothing fancy!

                       SY21 BAK MSOA: FOR YOUR INFORMATION
SY21 FYI - Brick and Mortar, Distance Learning and More 9.16.21 Final 2.pdf

Bak MSOA Brick & Mortar/Distance Learning - Ready for September 21st!

Below is the first Orientation Video that was posted on August 29, 2020

Ensure students have joined all classes and are able to join the appropriate Google Meet each school day 8.29.20.pdf