Report It! Don't Share, Spread, or Post It!

REPORT IT! – Don’t share it, spread it, or post it!  
It is crucial that if students, parents, and faculty/staff see, hear, or know about threats, suspicious activity, bullying, or any student/school safety or security concern, they should report it immediately to school administration, district personnel, school police, and/or local police.  Timely reporting is essential to ensure that action can be taken. There are various reporting methods to use (both anonymously and non- anonymously):

  1. FortifyFL app - automatically routes your tip report to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials (e.g., threats against school, suspicious activity). You can submit a tip online and the app can be downloaded through the Apple App  Store or Google Play. Go to:
  2. School administration during school hours – please make sure you make personal contact to report (e.g., threats, suspicious activity, bullying, student safety).
  3. App for bullying - District’s Bullying hotline at 561-434-8200 or complete a form at
  4. StudentProtect app - Collaboration between the SDPBCDistrict Police Department and Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office website:

 The spreading of information or perpetuating rumors either in school and/or on social media does not help resolve an issue or a concern; it makes matters worse. If the use or posting to a social media site creates a substantial and material disruption on a school campus, regardless of time or location while posting to a social media site, the student(s) will be subject to the behavioral standards set forth in the Student Code of Conduct. School Disruption is a Level 3 offense, which could result in the student(s) immediate exit from Bak MSOA. Please speak to your child so he/she understands the importance of responsible citizenship.